Professional Wheels & Rims Repair

Nothing on your vehicle takes more abuse than the tires, wheels, and rims. Exposed to constant brutality when your car is in drive, wheels suffer from excessive heat and cold that cause discoloration; and incessant attacks from curb and road rash that breeds rust-causing nicks, etchings, dings, dents, gouges, scrapes, and scratches. It doesn’t matter whether your wheels and rims are painted, clear coated, or machined from polished steel, aluminum, or magnesium; Royal Car Care Miami technicians are trained in the latest technology for repairing alloy rims on all vehicles including luxury models like Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

RCC Miami Assesses the Damage to Save You Time & Money

First, let RCC Miami’s Rim Repair Service access the damage to your wheels and rims. We can save you a lot of time and money on minor repairs like bent, scuffed, scratched, gouged, scraped, or nicked wheels and rims; and RCC guarantees our work to ensure that the quality of our rim repairs is as strong and reliable as new rims.

The health and longevity of your tires depends on your vehicle being evenly balanced on four perfectly round tires. If your wheels and rims are bent or “out of round”, it will cause vibration that negatively affects the comfort of your ride and may damage the steering, your suspension system, and the tires.

Trained, licensed, and insured, both RCC onsite and mobile technicians can straightening bent aluminum, magnesium, and steel rims in about an hour, usually without having to remove the tire from the vehicle, at a cost of under $100.

For surface damage caused by the wear and tear of the road, RCC technicians use any number of refinishing techniques to make them shine up like new. One of those techniques uses hard epoxy fillers to smooth out etches, gouges, and scratches. If your rims’ finish is severely battered, peeling, or pitted, we will strip off the old finish and repaint or powder coat the bare alloy surface. Some minor damage is correctable with a little sanding and color-matched paint, topped off with a durable, long lasting clear or powder coat to give them the glossy, satin, or matte texture of choice.

Purposely Change the Look of Your Wheels

For aesthetic reasons, many customers opt to change the look of their wheels and rims purposely. If you choose to give your painted, non-metallic rim a metallic look, RCC will repaint your rims to hyper-silver or graphite. Likewise, you may prefer to change a metallic wheel to a painted flat black, gloss black, or white. Some people even add pinstripes and graphics to the calipers, or repaint the rims the color of their vehicle. Whatever your preference, RCC can give you what you want.

Some wheel damage, such as that caused by an impact, may unfortunately require a higher level of service than RCC can provide onsite. Cracked or broken rims especially if there is damage to the lugholes may require welding and then repainting or refinishing. This work always requires a shop with special machines and tools to remove the wheels and fix the problem.

RCC Offsite Repair Shop for More Severe Damage

The great news is that even though RCC technicians may not be able to perform some of the more severe work onsite or by mobile service, we will take your vehicle to our offsite shop where our reputable RCC Customized Automotive Services division will repair your vehicle and deliver it back to you in perfect condition!

In the most severe cases, your wheels may require replacement. You can depend on RCC expertise to help you determine whether they can be repaired, the level of reparation, or whether they need to be replaced.

Services includes:

Wheel Re-finishing

Wheel Straightening

Wheel Re-manufacturing

Alloy Wheel Re-coloring

Chrome Finish Wheel Re-polishing

Calibers and Letters Re-finishing

Trims Re-coloring and Re-finishing

To speed up your booking process and find out about the current condition of your vehicle before making an estimate, please complete the following Auto Repair Estimate Form taking particular care to complete mandatory fields as denoted by a *

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Prices may vary according to vehicle size, type and the extent of damage.

All of the above Auto Repair services include our Full Maintenance Car Wash as well!

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