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accidents happens everyday and this time it happened literally ON MY CAR!

I was down in Miami Beach on a vacation and my Aston Martin was valeted and returned to me with some kind of acid leak. luckily this luxurious Hotel in Miami Beach had a great Auto Detailing vendor that was capable of removing this marks and get it in a better condition when I first bought it, so in a way I'm glad this accident happened so I can receive a brand new car!

Dr. Levi

Professional Opticoat Detail

The front desk in one of our RCC OnThe Rise locations contacted us to detail this beautiful Aston Martin DBS that got damaged from a garage leak. The paint was covered with acid marks, over spray paint, cement fall out, holograms, scratches, swirl marks, haze and left overs from previous "Detailers". This was a very difficult challenge as we had to deal with multiple paint issues and will
require not only our paint correction ability but also our professional approach in removing concrete, cement and over spray paint in a professional way without harming the paint finish. The front desk wanted the vehicle to go back to its original condition, as well as superior resistance to scratching and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts following our process so we chose to protect the paint with Opticoat hard wearing ceramic clear coat.

Service provided: Multiple step paint correction
with Opticoat coating application

Total service time: 2 Days

Detail Includes:

Professional Chemical procedure to turn the cement / concrete back into liquid

Safe wash to remove all chemical, gravel or crushed stone, cement and sand

Repeat this process until all the cement / concrete are off the paint, windows and trims

Exterior pretreat using foam cannon to loosen all dirt, grime and debris

A professional hand wash utilizing Microfiber washing mitts and wheel brushes

Gentle hand dry utilizing safe Microfiber waffle weave towels and compressed air

Clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces in order to remove all embedded contaminants

multiple stage paint correction using the finest polishes to ensure a crystal clear reflection.

Complete Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipe down to remove any polish residue that has been left behind

Professional Opticoat application to all painted surfaces and glass

A comprehensive interior steam cleansing using chemical-free Vapor Steamer

A comprehensive engine steam cleaning using chemical-free Vapor Steamer

Complete leather cleaning and conditioning treatment

Rim faces cleaned and tires treated with water based, non-sling tire dressing

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