Meet Eric Kreindel, High-Rise Operation Manager

Eric Kreindel studied Paint Correction at the Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy in Columbus, Ohio under Todd Cooperider, one of the foremost detailing trainers in the country. The certification program focuses on enhancing an existing appreciation for the art and beauty of fine automobiles, into a passion for maintaining them.

Eric grew up in Cleveland where he was the fourth-generation in a dynastic family-owned Pontiac dealership. His first paying detail job was a very dirty neighbor’s car at age 15. Having seen the vehicle before Eric detailed it, another neighbor walked across the adjoining driveway to admire the miraculous job Eric had done. Before long, everyone wanted Eric to make his or her vehicle the cleanest and shiniest on the block.

Supporting himself through college with his inherent love for detailing cars, Eric knew that to be successful in the business, he needed an advanced level of training that included Paint Correction. For his 22nd birthday, Eric approached his parents about pursuing detailing as a career choice and asked for $1,000 to attend Cooperider’s Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy, just a couple of hours away.

“Of course I wound up investing $2,000 on products and supplies to get my business started,” he laughs, “but I knew that was what I wanted to do and my parents supported me in that choice.”

It so happens that RCC founder “Avi the Detailer” Cohen had also graduated from Cooperider’s Detailer Academy several years earlier. While Eric was there, one of Avi’s colleague’s told him that Avi was looking for qualified detailers to expand his company in Miami, and was looking for a trained and certified manager for his innovative Detailing On-the-Rise Program.

Anxious to escape to warmer temperatures anyway, Eric called Avi and spent a couple of months flying back and forth while he finished college.

Eric was qualified for the Royal Car Care Miami’s Detailing-on-the-Rise Program for Luxurious Buildings. The only investment he had to put was his time and willingness to learn advanced detailing, paint correction techniques & superior customer service skills! Eric attended the in-house 6-month RCC Apprenticeship Program, followed by another 6-months in RCC Internship Program. This ensures a full year of training in RCC’s quality detailing standards and techniques, and it prepares the students for advancement. Learning how to properly communicate with customers, and providing hands-on experience working with building managers and valet services are important steps in RCC maintaining quality personnel.

Today, Eric is Operations Manager for RCC’s Four Detailing on the Rise locations in South Florida.

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