Meet Avi Cohen, Luxury & Exotic Car Care Specialist

Detailing Prodigy

At a young age, “Avi the Detailer” Cohen exhibited the qualities inherent to a skilled, high-end detailer. He always had an appreciation for luxurious automobiles, an attitude for precision, and an eye for perfection in keeping them maintained. Becoming a car care and appearance specialist was never an option. It was a calling.

Growing up in a dusty streets neighborhood where only the most affluent owned new cars, and water restrictions dictated cars be washed by hand, that is just what Avi was doing as a very young man ― hand washing expensive cars.

“Passion and a love for your work are important to mastering any profession,” Cohen says. “I wanted to dedicate my life to the automotive industry, so I sought work in car dealerships and car detailing centers, detailing exotic showroom cars.”

Car Care Management

Just days before the 911 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, Avi arrived in New York, seeking a more stable environment to build an automotive car care business. Within months, he was managing two full-service, very busy carwashes in the foothills of the Poconos in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Because the owner spent a great deal of time out of the country, Avi added hands-on business management experience to his proficient detailing skills.

“I don’t know where else I could have received that kind of knowledge,” he admits. “We serviced a thousand cars a day and I supervised over 25 employees, managed a product inventory, and handled customer service issues.”

Intensive Training & Advanced Certifications

Wanting to do what no one else could do, Avi knew the market he wanted to reach would require cutting-edge knowledge of the industry. He vowed that quality and superiority would be his trademark.

Seeking a warmer climate in which to work, Avi moved to Miami and invested a lot of money and several months of his life to educating himself in every aspect of the professional detailing industry.

It was time to take his ability to a higher level. Avi attended the most advanced seminars and detailing workshops over the next couple of years receiving exclusive certifications, enhanced his learning of the most extensive paint correction techniques, and sought training in what professional-grade products were best for what application.

There, his attitude for precision and eye for perfection landed him a coveted spot on the elite 2011 Air Force One Detailing Team where he and 30 handpicked detailers from around the world began restoring the paint on the original AFO presidential jet located at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

Royal Car Care Miami

When Avi returned to Miami, he decided Royal Car Care Miami would serve multiple purposes. It would become the ultimate one-stop total mobile detailing experience, designed to exceed customer expectations.

It would also provide a division that catered to posh car enthusiasts, classics and exotics owners, and collectors who require first-class paint correction and concourse elegance.

Today, Avi’s vision also includes personalized concierge car care services provided to residents of Miami’s most exclusive residential high-rise buildings; and training programs to help other talented detailers and paint correction specialists get started in their own businesses. By placing his teams at more Detailing On-the-Rise locations in residential buildings throughout the area, Avi’s RCC Miami is also maintaining a steady stream of the best detailers in the business, providing quality detailing services to Miami residents.

Few Paint Correction Detailing Projects Avi Completed

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