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Interstates and highways are the source of the most vicious attacks on your vehicle. All types of disgusting bugs and gnats splat against the front end of your car leaving their acidic guts to etch and pit the paint. In bad weather, caustic liquids like water mixed with road salt, sand, asphalt, and dirt muck up the front end. Then there are semi-trucks that slip in front of you, throwing rocks and debris all over the front end, and tarp-covered dump trucks full of dirt and sand, streaming half its contents all over your hood.

New car or old, sports car or economy car - a stinging handful of dirt and sand leaves deep and injurious scars in your paint. Coming at you at 80 mph, a single pea-sized pebble will do as much damage to the hood and windshield as a boulder … in fact, it’s worse because a boulder would warrant you a new car!

At Royal Car Care Miami, we provide several protective and appearance enhancing options for the front-end, bumper, hood, and windshield of your vehicle.

Your Appearance & Protection Options

Check out each of these RCC Appearance & Protection options and let our technicians make recommendations that work best for your vehicle.

1. Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

2. Luxury Vehicle Wraps

3. Window Protection Film

Get the RCC Royal Treatment for the Best Results!

Any or all three of our Appearance & Protection options work best with the complete RCC Royal Treatment! Not only do films and wraps bond better with a clean and unmarred surface, but also they look better and protect at the highest level.

• Start with a full Paint Correction Detail to remove any existing damage

• Let us apply a Permanent Coating to provide a layer of long-term protection

• Choose any or all three of our Appearance & Protection options

Royal Car Care Miami has pre-designed our most popular Appearance Services into packages to give our discerning customers the most comprehensive options available:

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