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If you thought professional automotive detailing is little more than an expensive car wash and wax, think again! All it takes is a couple of months of in-city driving to lose that showroom shine, and a few lunches-on-the-run to lose that new car smell. Let Royal Car Care Miami help you maintain that new car sparkle, or restore your used vehicle back to how it looked and smelled the day you drove it off the new car lot!

We are not talking about some soapy bucket and sponge or express maintenance service where we dust you up and wipe you down for a few bucks. We are talking about technology that preserves your “new car” look; increases resell value; sustains your investment; and keeps your automobile looking great, safe to drive, and comfortable to ride.

It’s true that only about 10% of vehicle owners have their vehicles professionally detailed, but once you experience the difference, you’ll become part of that privileged few who run their fingers along brilliantly polished paint; sit on freshly shampooed seats; and place their feet on pristine floor mats — every time they approach their vehicle.

Forget the smell of stale smoke, the residual from a carsickness episode, dampness and mildew caused from the last rainy day — you’ll even be amazed how that unforgiveable stain disappeared after an unfortunate mishap with a coffee cup.

Customized Services

Express car washes are little more than a one-size-fits-all superficial rinse, but RCC has designed detailing packages intended to cover all the bases. From ongoing express and full maintenance details that keep a new car looking and smelling new; to full interior and exterior details tailored for the soccer mom with an SUV full of sticky-fingered children, or a busy traveling professional who uses their vehicle like a gigantic suitcase and lunchroom-on-the-go.

RCC paint correction specialists help sharpen up an older model second family car or a teenager’s only ride to school. If you drive a vintage classic, an exotic, luxury sedan, or road-rugged truck, RCC uses the most advanced detailing technology, products, equipment, and proven techniques to help you maintain or restore your automotive investment!

Get an estimate, or schedule your Royal Car Care detail. Once you experience a detail for the first time… it won’t be your last at Royal Car Care Miami!

Royal Car Care Miami has pre-designed our most popular Detailing Services into packages to give our discerning customers the most comprehensive options available:

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