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When a Royal Car Care Miami technician details your vehicle, we get up close and personal with every niche and cranny of your vehicle. As a result, we see every flaw as it forms on the interior and exterior of your vehicle and we move to arrest it as quickly as possible without your having to take it to an automotive body shop.

RCC Miami technicians are trained to quickly identify oxidation forming on the roof or cloudiness dulling your headlights. We see the scuffmarks on your bumper and we detest the tiny door dings and dents banged into your quarter panels. We cringe at scratches on the wheels and rims that could lead to rust.

The same meticulous techniques that take us deep into the niches and crannies of your vehicle’s interior are the same procedures that help us expose problems there too. We see cracks and discoloration forming in the hard plastics of your dash, door side panels, and console; matting in your microsuede fabrics; a loosening headliner; leather beginning to dry out and split; slackening seams in your upholstery due to wear and tear; and the slightly odd smell that signals bacteria is building up in your carpets and floor mats.

A vehicle is not immune to accidents, even inside a parking garage. A leaky pipe can cause a mishap in a small section of the garage, and the valet drivers may accidently scratch a door in their rush to offer fast service.

RCC Miami has an in-house solution to all these problems without the expense or time it takes for an automotive body shop.

Check out these quality automotive repair services available right here in your building or with our mobile detailing services. For more damage that is more serious, RCC has an offsite Customized Automotive Services shop where our professional repair technicians will fix it, and return your vehicle in excellent condition.

Royal Car Care Miami has pre-designed our most popular Repair Services into packages to give our discerning customers the most comprehensive options available:

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