What is automotive detailing?

Automotive Detailing is the thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to rejuvenate and restore it to as close as achievable, factory condition, and when possible to “showroom condition“. A professional detailing service like Royal Car Care Miami will bring your vehicle back to the highest level of perfection including smelling fresh and clean and the paint shiny, making it easier to maintain. Automotive detailing can also involve protecting that shine long-term, with waxes, sealants, and semi-permanent and permanent interior and exterior coatings.

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What is the difference in a car wash and a Detailer?
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Is it safe to get my vehicle machine buffed?
When I’m advised my vehicle needs multistage of cleaning & paint correction, is it truly necessary
What is a clay bar?
Why do detailing prices vary from one vehicle to another?
I just bought a new vehicle, should I wait a few months to book a detail with you?
What is Paint Correction?
Should I allow my vehicle to be compounded?
Why don't I just save some money, and detail my vehicle myself?
Can I get a multiple vehicle discount?
My dealership offered me a "Teflon coating" for hundreds of dollars, is it worth it?
How do I remove tree sap or water marks?
My vehicle has just been painted, how long should I wait to get it detailed?
Can you get out scratches?
My car smells like mildew or mold. Can you get rid of the smell?
Can you get rid of the cigarette smell in my car?
Are your rates fixed, or will the price change upon pickup?
I am a chauffeur for a wealthy client. Can you be discrete?
I want to enter my car for a concourse event. Can you prepare it?
How do I book a detailing or repair?
What are your hours?

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