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Your days are full of business meetings, family activities, and a variety of errands and social commitments. Taking your vehicle in for a detailing, carving out time to wait to have those rims or bumper repaired, or sitting in a waiting room while a technician installs that cool-looking window film are all things you need and want to do - but you just can’t justify the time!

At Royal Car Care Miami, we bring all those services and more, to you!

You see, at RCC, we know that if we don’t make it easy and convenient for you to keep your vehicle well maintained and looking sharp, you will be forced into superficial measures like running it through an automated car wash where you risk even the softest of brushes leaving micro scratches on the paint surface. Anything deeper than a free, do-it-yourself interior vacuum and you will have to wait in line for a technician to do a mediocre wipe-down job for $30.

Full Menu of Mobile Detailing, Repair, and Aesthetic Services

And here is another little thing - we don’t know of a single other detailer in Dade County, Florida who offers all the additional repair, protection, and appearance services RCC can provide!

RCC Mobile Detailing has two mobile units on the road all the time, servicing customers at their homes and offices throughout Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. By coming to your home, RCC can clean your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV, or boat; fix those foggy headlights; and install a clear protective film on the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle, all while you do your household chores, spend time with your family, or lounge out by the pool!

At your office complex or building, RCC can clay bar clean your automotive paint; repair that cracked bumper; and install a UV protective window film to your glass surfaces, all while you present last year’s profits to the Board of Directors!

Concierge Pick-Up & Delivery Services

Are you going to be out of town? RCC’s Concierge Pick-up and Delivery Service can pick up your vehicle from home, office or even the airport or Port of Miami; bring it back to our shop in Miami Beach; perform any of the detailing, paint correction, repair and services work, or protective and aesthetic services you want - while you are off cruising, sailing, flying, or visiting!

Imagine returning after a 10-day vacation to find your sports car swathed in the newest luxury chrome wrap, just sitting in your driveway waiting for you; or your shiny luxury sedan glistening in the sun with freshly applied window film keeping it 20 degrees cooler inside than when you left!

Look at all the services RCC Mobile Detailing has to offer!

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