Now You See It … Now You Don’t!

That’s how automotive detailing seems to the technicians at Royal Car Care Miami … like we are performing magic!

Sometimes customers come in crestfallen after walking out one day to find cement … dried concrete mind you, stuck on the hood and roof of their automobile! How in the world do they get that crusty stuff off without scratching the paint?

More often than you might think, customers come in near tears because an inexperienced detailer across town supposedly polished their vehicle, but now it looks worse than before with what looks like fine scratches all down the side panels. Who gave these guys an electric buffer, anyway?

At RCC, we try not to brag, but some of these vehicles are so fine, even we treat them with awe and reverence! When we see them in distress from either an unforeseen accident or act of nature, we take comfort knowing that as maestros of detailing, we can work our magic and all will be better!

Look around. The results speak for themselves in our gallery below.

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