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Professional Swissvax Mystery Detail

A Typical Phone call we get is: "Hi I just picked up my new car from the dealership and it doesn't looks like it supposed to look and I don't want them to try and fix it again", it is very common on auto dealerships to have a poor preparation for new cars but not when it comes to a Alfa Romeo 8C, very rare - just 500 will were made, with 35 coming to the U.S.—and very fast, with a top speed
of 181 mph. The car has a 4.7-liter V-8 that makes 444 horsepower and one of the best and loudest exhaust notes on earth. When we saw this beautiful car we couldn't believe that this very known luxurious dealership had prepare this Alfa in such poor way. The dealership's professional "Detailer" tried buffing and playing with this full carbon finish and applied so many holograms that left trails all over the paint finish. The paint was covered with sever holograms, swirl marks, scratches and haze from unprofessional new car preparation. The client wanted no paint imperfections and the paint to look "dripping wet" following our process so we chose to protect the paint with Swissvax Mystery, 55 Vol.% of pure yellow Brazilian Grade One Carnauba wax.

Service provided: Multiple step paint correction
with Swissvax Mystery coating application

Total service time: 2 Days

Detail Includes:

Exterior pretreat using foam cannon to loosen all dirt, grime and debris

A professional hand wash utilizing Microfiber washing mitts and wheel brushes

Gentle hand dry utilizing safe Microfiber waffle weave towels and compressed air

Clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces in order to remove all embedded contaminants

multiple stage paint correction using the finest polishes to ensure a crystal clear reflection.

Complete Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipe down to remove any polish residue that has been left behind

Paintwork is pre-waxed using Swissvax Cleaner Fluid to ensure the paint is properly prepped

Professional two coats of Swissvax Mystery application to all painted surfaces

A comprehensive interior steam cleansing using chemical-free Vapor Steamer

A comprehensive engine steam cleaning using chemical-free Vapor Steamer

Complete leather cleaning and conditioning treatment

Rim faces cleaned and treated with Swissvax Autobahn Wheel Wax

Tires are treated with Swissvax Pneu to replace lost moister

Final Swissvax Quick Finish applied to all painted surfaces

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