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First off, thank you JP for referring me to Avi and his amazing crew. After Avi detailed my friend's Lamborghini I had to take the time and drive 45 minutes to his location in Miami beach to see why my friend is always going there. After a long conversation with Avi and his recommendations, I agreed on Paint Correction detail with a special coating that will protect the paint in a better way than regular waxes. Avi was involved with all of the detail work and he is a true perfectionist with great passion to what he does. I was very satisfied with the results and will recommend his services to all those demanding clientele out there. Avi is involved with all of the work and he is a true perfectionist. You can expect incredible consistency and attention to detail every time.


Professional Cquartz Detail

This client refereed to us from a previous detail we did on his friend's Lamborghini Aventador. The paint on his Lamborghini LP 550-2 was covered with glue marks, tar, tree sap, swirls and holograms indicating unprofessional care and maintenance. The client wanted exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as ability to resist the elements and protect like no other following our
process so we chose to protect the paint with Cquartz nanotech ceramic paint coating.

Service provided: Multiple step paint correction
with Cquartz coating application

Total service time: 2 Days

Detail Includes:

Exterior pretreat using foam cannon to loosen all dirt, grime and debris

A professional hand wash utilizing Microfiber washing mitts and wheel brushes

Gentle hand dry utilizing safe Microfiber waffle weave towels and compressed air

Clay bar treatment on all painted surfaces in order to remove all embedded contaminants

multiple stage paint correction using the finest polishes to ensure a crystal clear reflection.

Complete Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipe down to remove any polish residue that has been left behind

Professional Cquartz application to all painted surfaces

A comprehensive interior steam cleansing using chemical-free Vapor Steamer

A comprehensive engine steam cleaning using chemical-free Vapor Steamer

Complete leather cleaning and conditioning treatment

Rim faces cleaned and tires treated with water based, non-sling tire dressing

For more information on the Cquartz Detail or to make an appointment please - CLICK HERE

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