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All Royal Car Care Miami detailers must be experienced licensed automotive detailers, and they must be a cut above those of the competition. In order to do that, all RCC managers and paint correction specialists must invest in a mixture of professional certified training, and a full year of RCC’s Rise Training in which they must be able to demonstrate both their genuine passion for detailing, as well as prove their superior skills through hands-on application of those skills.

This training and ongoing education is at the root of RCC’s success. It is why we provide superior detailing and paint correction services to customers whose expectations exceed those of the average car owner. RCC technicians have exceptional knowledge of automotive paint, car care products, reconditioning and styling, application options, and technique. RCC technicians are automotive appearance artists.

In addition to the certifications and training below, Cohen and members of his staff have attended over 30 short-term and hourly detailing workshops, classes, and seminars available at auto shows, trade industry shows, and major automotive events like SEMA in Las Vegas and AutoGeek’s Detail Fest in Stuart, FL.

Certified Advanced Auto Detailing Technician
Attention To Detail/Detailing Success
Since 2008

Perhaps the most prestigious detailing training program in the country today, the Detailing Success certification comes from Master detailing guru Renny Doyle in Big Bear Lake, California. The program demands a natural inclination for precision detailing in order to succeed. Focused on developing inherent skill alongside business essentials, Doyle teaches detailers efficiency and precision as an art form.

Renowned nationally as the leader of the Official Air Force One Detailing Team who has been restoring the original Air Force One presidential jet on exhibit at the Seattle Museum of Flight for the past decade, RCC founder and exotic car care specialist Avi Cohen was selected for the 2011 AFO Team - Click Here. He also detailed an all-aluminum WWII B29 Bomber - Click Here and a variety of fighter jets during that trip.

Certified Advanced Auto Detailing Technician
Kleen Car Auto Appearance Certified Detailing Workshop
Since 2008

One of the oldest detailing training programs, the Kleen Car Detailing program taught by Kevin Farrell turns detailers into skilled technicians. Offering ongoing business planning, coaching and advisory, this certification showed Cohen how to create exclusive packages by combining automotive services into what is now his highly successful Total Recon Program.

Certified Advanced Auto Detailing Technician
Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy

Both Cohen and RCC operations manager, Eric Kreindel received their professional detailing certifications from Todd Cooperider’s prestigious Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy in Columbus, OH. The Esoteric certification program focuses on enhancing an existing appreciation for the art and beauty of fine automobiles, into a passion for maintaining them.

Attended by already experienced detailers from around the world who are actively working in the detailing industry, graduates benefit from exposure to the most up-to-date paint correction techniques, and are exposed to high-grade products and tools not found in mainstream soapy-bucket style detailing.

Certified Total Recon Technician
The Ding King Training Institute of Florida

The only certified PDR School in the country, Cohen trained in the many areas of automotive reconditioning as well as detailing. He has a certification for performing paintless dent repair (PDR), PDR tooling and lighting, glue-pull techniques for repairing hard-to-get-to dents, technical support, and PDR operations. He is also certified in wheel repair, odor removal, Chip King Repair, and carpet dying techniques. From hail dents and door dings to collision dents in which there is no broken paint, Cohen and his staff are licensed experts.

Professional Product Certifications

Swissvax Certified Detailer
National Swissvax Training Center
Since 2008

Swissvax is known as one of the finest luxury car care systems in the world and RCC Miami is South Florida’s only authorized Swissvax detailing center. Popular for high performance vehicles, Swissvax is the official OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) waxing system for Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Spyker and Lamborghini.

In order to guarantee maximum results with this luxury product, the Swissvax application process involves a thorough detailing and paint correction process prior to applying the 2-step process. More a waxing system than a simple wax, RCC’s Swissvax Detail consists of a two-step process that nourishes the paint surface before pulling out the shine

The certification ensures the customer is receiving the proper application of the product in order to achieve the world-famous Swissvax Finish.

Certified 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installers

RCC technicians are certified 3M-specific paint protection film installers. This is important to you as a customer because high performance 3M window film installation is not a product you want to install yourself, or have a friend or amateur apply for you.

PPF must be custom-cut from a pattern to fit your vehicle properly. Trained technicians have attended hands-on training to learn the skills and techniques needed to execute high quality PPF installations quickly and easily to ensure it does not peel off, bubble, or discolor.

Furthermore, your 3M PPF installation is not covered by warranty except when applied by a certified installer.

Authorized Installers

Authorized Opti Coat Pro Installers

RCC Miami became an authorized Opti Coat Installer because we feel it is the best permanent coating on the market. A complete detailing and paint correction is usually a prerequisite to getting the most out of an Opti Coat application. When the vehicle is properly prepped and free of any swirls, water spots, microscratches, and oxidation, Opti Coat seals the shine and even repels many of the contaminants that attempt to dull the paint in the future.

Authorized 22ple Glass Coatings Installers

RCC Miami became an authorized 22ple Glass coating installer because we feel they have created not only the most cutting-edge paint protection system, but also because the product will lasts sometimes as much as two years, exceeding all other paint sealants, coatings, and waxes in terms of shine and protection.

Specializing in C.Quartz Finest Application

C.Quartz Finest is among the most innovative long-term coating products, using popular nanoparticle technology that to literally bond with the surface of your vehicle to create a permanent ceramic coating that lasts not weeks like wax or months like sealants, but years!

C.Quartz requires a professional application process to ensure a tough, durable, super high gloss that protects paint and other automotive surfaces from UVA and UVB rays, dirt, brake dust, iron contaminants, bugs, bird droppings, tar, and all sorts of environmental contaminants for two years.

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