Why Choose Royal Car Care On The Rise Over Automatic Car washes and Bargain-Barn Detailers?

Financial investments like your cars, your home, a collection of art, or an expensive piece of jewelry bring great pride when you buy it, boundless joy while you own it and large profits when you resell it ― but only if you take care of it.

It’s true some car (and truck) owners get heartburn at the thought of spending $150 to $300 or more to fully detail your automobile inside and out. You can run it down to the automatic car wash for $10 and vacuum out the floorboard yourself, free. Furthermore, there are soapy sponges all over town who will “detail” your vehicle for $50.

So, why should you spend more to have Royal Car Care On The Rise detail and clean your vehicles?

You may clean house and mow the lawn once a week, but three or four times a year, you probably do a thorough cleaning out of the closets; dust behind the dresser and not just the high traffic area in front; and you may even take on improvement projects like pressure washing your home’s exterior to clean the paint. If you see any deteriorating wood in the leaves or loose shingles, you patch them up before they get worse.

If you didn’t do these things, you would be less likely to invite people over; you wouldn't enjoy living in a perpetual dustbin; and it isn't likely you could sell it with the paint cracked and falling off!

Your vehicle is no different!

Avoid Quickie Car washes

Three or four times a year, depending on how much time you spend in your vehicle, it will need more than a slaphappy quickie car wash. It is almost certain that the abrasive brushes at your $10 car wash have scratched your paint and left swirl marks that dull the paint.

The blow dryer at the end of the drive-through wash didn’t dry it completely and if you didn’t take the time to dry it off with a soft microfiber towel, you certainly left water spots and streaks that won’t go away without a buffing.

Oh, and that squirt of wax they charged you an extra $2 for … RCC wouldn't recommend it even it were free! Without cleaning the paint first to remove the oxidation caused by South Florida’s perpetual sunshine, and then slathering her in a warm quality wax followed by a spotless hand waxing and buffing, you will never see her original shine come through.

Sure, you may have vacuumed up the solid particles of dirt on your seats and floor mats, but without a European steam vacuum to agitate the dirt out of the fibers in your upholstery and carpets, it’s still there, matting your fabrics and carpeting, and circulating throughout the vehicle while you breath it in!

Avoid Bargain-Basement Detailers

If you opted for the bargain barn $50 detail, chances are they did not attempt to clean the paint, but instead, smeared on some cheap, over-the-counter wax that gives it a temporary shine that does little more than highlight the scratches, spidering, holograms, and etchings they left behind!

We bet they spray-washed your tires and wheel wells with some sudsy shampoo, but never bothered to remove the scratches and rock chips caused from road rash. Your chromes and metals will remain dull.

Do you remember how you loved that fresh, clean, new-car smell? Without a professional odor removal system like that one RCC Miami offers, bacteria is breeding in every fiber of your upholstery and carpets irritating any existing respiratory problems like asthma. That bargain-barn detail probably included spraying the car with ozone to cover up any odors and make it smell sweet, but with the bacteria still there, any odors will return in about an hour.

Royal Car Care On The Rise is quality you can trust!

The certified detailers and paint corrections specialists at RCC Miami do it right every time, all the time ― whether it is a small monthly express cleaning or complete quarterly interior and exterior detailing and paint correction, we care as much about your automotive investment as you do!

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