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Luxury Royal Detailing specializing in high performance RV detailing in South Florida. Within the United States the RV industry is growing every year; Florida is the #1 state with the most RV owners, which mean that professional detailers are needed!

When people purchase RV’s these days they have to realize that professional maintenance is a must and it is not cheap. Regular cleaning and detailing of an RV is an important part of maintaining the appearance and value of this significant investment.

RV detailing takes professional skill and knowledge of products and techniques. Many unprofessional detailers with no RV experience have found out the hard way just how difficult RV detailing can be.


Different products and care are needed for the cleansing and protection of those multi interior and exterior surfaces such as: gel – coated, aluminum, chrome, interior leather, Granit, and marble. Whether you have a $50.000 C class, a $400.000 Monaco or a million dollar Prevost – We can shine them all inside & out!

Whether you desire a simple wash, wax or some interior cleaning – or if you crave for a more intensive wash, paint correction, chrome polishing or deep interior steam detailing – We will provide it plus more! You can find many truck washes and RV dealerships that will charge you $20.00 for a wash or $125.00 for a detail, but this is far from a high quality job and miles away from what we can achieve in our unique services.

Living in South Florida also have a negative side when it comes to maintaining your automobiles, this area is full with weather elements that effect your exterior and interior surfaces, from fading, hazing and oxidizing to poor finish, dryness and more…let our highly experienced technicians bring your RV or Motorhome back to its original condition for you to enjoy before your next trip or before selling it to the next adventures.

We offer our RV’s detailing services to private owners and dealerships as well.

Discounts are available for groups, camping clubs, RV’s parks, etc. When all RV’s are in one location.

RV Detail Options:

RV Upscale Wash

The upscale wash is a great service for in-between the yearly detailing and waxing.

Recommended as a biweekly / monthly service

A professional hand wash utilizing Gel Coated Cleaner and wheel brushes

Road grime, bugs and dirt removal

Gentle hand dry utilizing safe Microfiber waffle weave towels and compressed air

Gutters and slide outs cleaning

Clean all exterior windows

Application of liquid spray wax to all painted surfaces

Rim faces cleaned and tires treated with water based, non-sling tire dressing

Please call us for an estimate

Prices may vary according to RV size, type, and condition.

Rim faces and tires cleaned

Rim faces and tires cleaned

Professional Hand Wash Utilizing Gel Coated Cleaner

Professional Hand Wash Utilizing Gel Coated Cleaner

Gutters and slide outs cleaning

Gutters and slide outs cleaning

RV Upscale Wash & Wax
RV Exterior Detail
RV Interior detail
The Signature RV Detail by RCC Miami

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